• Julie Kelley
    Julie Kelley

    Julie Kelley is one of the founding principals of Aerial Design and Build. She brings 15 years of New York City construction experience and 15 years of owning her own accounting firm in Florida to Aerial. She manages the corporate operations as well as oversees the project management. Julie also has international experience which accommodates Aerial for all their multi-national New York City clientele, servicing them locally and abroad. Besides her appreciation for Architecture and Construction from a very young age, she is a passionate animal advocate and in her personal time she is involved with fitness, tennis and natural health awareness which she holds a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine.

  • Rupila Sethi
    Rupila Sethi

    Rupila Sethi is one of the founding principals of Aerial Design and Build. Rupila graduated from a prestigious Architectural School in India and then went on to complete her Masters in Lighting Design from Parsons School of Design, New York. After graduating from Parsons she practiced with Cooley Monato Studio, a SOHO based Design Studio and was associated with prestigious projects such as Tiffany, HBO, Lesportsac and high-end residences in Kuwait and Santa Barbara, California She further gained extensive Design and Construction experience working on residential projects in prominant locations such as Trump Towers, Museum Towers, Central Park South and West buildings. Rupila enjoys her personal time with her family and two children.

  • Jessica Maktal
    Jessica Maktal
    Director of Project Operations

    Jessica Maktal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Barnard College and a Master of Architecture degree from The City College of New York. During her tenure at Aerial she has managed a wide variety of projects. A born problem solver and adept communicator, she has successfully completed a number of projects within tight time constraints. When Jessica is not working, she can often be found singing at her favorite Karaoke bar.

  • Brian Purdy
    Brian Purdy
    Senior Project Manager

    Brian Purdy received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Lehigh University and went on to procure his Master of Architecture degree from University of Washington in 2002. During his time in Seattle Brian was able to work side by side with some of the founders of the design/build movement, Steve Badanes and Jim Adamson of Jersey Devil. After returning to NYC, Brian worked as a designer and junior architect for residential, retail, commercial and hospitality architecture studios. Seeking an opportunity to apply his hands-on approach to design & construction, Brian joined a small Manhattan Design Build firm.

    Brian’s practical training in design/build endeavors throughout Seattle, New Jersey, New York City, Montana, & India have allowed the valuable lessons in the influences of construction in design and vice versa to inform his current professional work. He specializes in sustainable design and building practices, materials, and methodology. He enjoys exploring the uses of alternative and affordable materials & detailing for the solutions to every day design problems. Brian is a licensed architect registered in New York and New Jersey, and is also LEED Accredited professional.

  • Kashminder Singh
    Kashminder Singh
    Business Development Director

    Kashminder Singh has a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and MS in Management and Technology with a major in Leadership from New York University. Kash has over 20 years experience in the Wireless Telecommunication industry and 15 years as a Lead Project Manager for Nextel, Sprint and Ericsson. His role is Aerial is to develop new and existing business opportunities. Additionally he is also responsible for managing social media communication and public relations. Lastly Kash is an avid soccer fan and his favorite team is Manchester United.

  • Marly Cruikshank
    Marly Cruikshank
    Office Manager

    Marly Cruikshank holds a law and accounting degree from Brazil as well as a Management certificate from Cornell University. Marly is an experienced expense managment professional with proven success in providing greater financial transparency and establishing measurable and effective controls resulting in substantial cost savings, process improvements, efficiencies and increased revenue. Marly has 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Marly was born and raised in Brazil and came to the U.S. in 1987 and decided to stay in New York City. She is fluent in Portugese and proficient in speaking and reading Spanish. She enjoys spending time with her family, pets and friends.

  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee
    Project Manager

    Lisa Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree from the University of California – Berkeley. After graduating she worked for a mid-sized woman owned architecture firm before returning to New York City. Lisa’s experience in architecture range from programing to final construction administration. Having worked on several ground up projects she is adept at seeing projects as whole while not losing sight of the details. As a LEED accredited professional, Lisa hopes to bring sustainable practices into every project.

  • Priya Bhawsar-Verma
    Priya Bhawsar-Verma
    Project Manager

    Priya Bhawsar-Verma has a Masters in architecture from Virginia Tech and Bachelors in architecture from Bangalore University, India. Priya has years of experience working on various building types from commercial high rise to single family houses. Her strengths lie in coordinating projects before and during construction with a keen eye to design. Lastly, she is a LEED accredited professional and hopes to be a licensed Architect soon.

  • Wendy Yang
    Wendy Yang
    Project Manager

    Wendy Yang holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University. After graduating from Cornell, she was employed by a construction and development firm assisting on institutional, commercial, retail, hospitality, and institutional projects of various scale. In addition, her further experience in pre-construction, post-construction, and renovations of residential apartments in a mixed-use development has enabled her to apply in-field experience and provide a design-build perspective on construction projects. Wendy is fluent in Mandarin and Shanginese dialect. While not working, she loves to paint and swim and can be found exploring new restaurants.

  • Noelia Cuello
    Noelia Cuello
    Office Assistant

    Noelia Cuello came from the Dominican Republic in 2001. She gained a scholarship opportunity from College of Mount Saint Vincent and finished her bachelor’s degree in Finance. Through her past experience in the banking sector, she hopes to promote success in Aerial Design and Build. Education has become a great passion for her. During her travels, she carries brochures of her universities alma-matter while encouraging young immigrants to pursue an education. She enjoys discovering new places while learning their history. Additionally, she enjoys gardening, painting, cooking and spending time with family, friends and pets.

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